Last updated on July 16th, 2021

By subscribing to the "Expense" add-on, the User (hereinafter "the User" or "the Customer") activates the functionality of dematerialization of expense reports. The Customer accepts and acknowledges that he/she is solely responsible for the digitization of any expense report uploaded by a Staff Member or by an Administrator and for their compliance with the provisions of Article A102 B-2 I) of the French Tax Procedure Book, to the exclusion of any responsibility of PayFit.  In this respect, he/she must ensure that the paper receipts are scanned in conformity with each dematerialized expense report, and in particular :
  • that the colors are preserved,
  • that the uploaded image is not processed, 
  • or any compression of the file.
PayFit cannot be held responsible for the loss of paper receipts before, on the one hand, any final validation of the dematerialized expense report, which the Customer accepts and acknowledges, and, on the other hand, the indication by PayFit of the finalization of the dematerialization phase. The Customer acknowledges that it is the sole responsibility of the Customer, its Administrators and its Staff Members to find out about any additional internal rules applicable to the management of expense reports. Customer also acknowledges that the paperless expense report functionality will not be available for processing non-receipted expense reports and that it will be Customer's responsibility to retain original paper receipts in such cases. The Customer is responsible for downloading and storing all expense reports prior to his departure in case of termination of his Contract with PayFit.