Why PayFit?

With many businesses often choosing between in-house or outsourced payroll, PayFit looks to offer a hybrid alternative. We believe that by providing the best of both – e.g. the control and visibility of in-house and the expertise and specialism associated with outsourcing – you can enjoy the best payroll experience possible.

Control & visibility combined with expert support & specialism

Be in charge of your payroll and receive support when it's required.

of UK SME employees have paid too much tax due to errors on their payslips.
1 in 5
British employees has quit their job over poor payroll experience.
the annual cost of legacy software to the payroll industry.

What is PayFit?

By automating your payroll and HR admin, PayFit frees up your time and enables you to prioritise your business's growth and keeping your employees happy.

  • Easy-to-use cloud-based software
  • Automation of payslips, RTI and pension submissions
  • User-friendly employee portal
  • Integration of payroll and HR management

Who is PayFit for?

Whether you employ 0 or 500 employees, PayFit provides you with the tools and support you need to reduce your payroll admin.

Business owners

Business owners

An easy-to-use and automated software allowing you to save time and money.

Pour vos équipes RH

HR teams

Intuitive software with dedicated support from payroll experts enabling you to remain compliant at all times.

Pour vos managers

Finance teams

Payroll and HR data all in one place with custom reports and direct exports for your accounting software.

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A user-friendly employee portal that allows them to access their payslips, request leaves and absences, as well as submit expenses.

"PayFit's fantastic customer service team is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time."

Sam Fronson, Co-Founder & COO @ YuLife