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Run payroll in minutes, not days.

PayFit is a payroll software for companies with up to 500 employees. Automate your payroll while eliminating spreadsheets and errors.
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7,500 small and medium businesses trust PayFit

The visibility and automation you need to easily manage your payroll

Our customers have saved on average 80% of the time running payroll by switching to PayFit


An intuitive and automated cloud-based software to simplify your monthly payroll tasks.


An HMRC-approved solution to update payslips in real-time, get full transparency on payroll calculations and support from experts.


Streamline payroll and HR processes. Sync your HR, pension and accounting data in real-time.

Integrate payroll & HR

Automate payments and deductions calculations and the generation of employee payslips.

Payroll & RTI submissions

Get personalised support from payroll experts

We don't only offer innovative payroll software, we also put our CIPP qualified payroll experts at your disposal. From onboarding to pay day, our team is here to support you.

Choose a compliant and secure solution

PayFit is an HMRC-approved and ISO27001 certified software. The security of your data is very important to us and all our servers are located in Europe.

Our customers share their experience running payroll with PayFit

Moving to PayFit is the best software decision that I’ve made in a long time. I drastically reduced the time spent running payroll, from six days to just a couple of hours.

Steve Root

Partner @RKBB

PayFit's fantastic customer service team is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time.

Sam Fromson

Co-Founder & COO @YuLife

PayFit works well for startups because the automation means that you don’t need teams of people to manage a hugely bulky administrative process.

Jerry Chen

Head of People @Flux

PayFit's knowledgeable payroll specialists have helped us sort out our apprenticeship levy that we didn't even know we needed to settle. Similarly, the world of pensions can be so confusing, and they've helped us out enormously.

Jenny Liu

CFO @Marshmallow

Faster payments to employees has been a game changer, I don't need to pay them one by one with the fear of making a mistake each month. The level of service is consistently above and beyond what you would typically expect...

Guillaume Devinat

CEO @Opteo

PayFit has helped us reduce the time spent on payroll by 60%. We are able to complete all of our payroll duties in less than two days, all while having a lot more flexibility and visibility over the process.

Swetha Sundaram

Head of HR @ Diffblue

PayFit is great. We are now looking to the next step of integrating with our HR system to ensure more processes have been automated. We have definitely saved time as we had 160 new joiners in our business just this year.

Magdalena Kardasz

HR Operations Team Leader @ Trust Payments

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