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Leaves and absences

With PayFit, as soon as an absence request is validated, the employee's payslip is updated to reflect changes to their annual leave entitlement.

All types of leaves

Easily manage leaves and absences and see employee payslips update in real-time

PayFit helps manage and automates all calculations for statutory pay and statutory leave, including parental, adoption, sick or unpaid leaves.
Manage all types of leaves and absences

Employee portal

Employees make leave and absence requests through their own portal

All employees can request leaves and absences directly from their portal. They can easily modify or cancel their request.
Employee leave and absence requests

Manager validation and payroll impact

Assign absence management to managers in your team

Managers receive leave and absence requests from team members. They can view the dates requested, the duration and the type of absence. They can then validate or refuse the request at their discretion.
Managers can validate the leave and absence requests

Discover all our features

PayFit doesn't only automate payroll management, it also offers HR features and integrations with other software for seamless processes.