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People management

Keen to streamline your company's HR processes? PayFit's automated payroll and HR software provides employees with more transparency and autonomy.

Workflows and approval rights

Create organisational charts and assign role-based validation and viewing rights

Enable employees to view your company's organisational chart from their portal. The organisational chart can help new starters understand your company's hierarchical structure.
Build your organisational chart
Create departments with dedicated teams and assign a manager with rights to manage leaves and expenses, etc.
Create approval and viewing rights
Aggregate all employee details and provide access rights to managers.
Company directory

Employee portal

Employees can access all payslips and annual leave balances within their own portal

Employees have access to their personal portal to request leaves and absences, access payslips and other important documents and manage expense requests.
A centralised space for all requests and documents
From within their portal, an employee can view their annual leave balance including how many days taken and how many left. They can also view the annual leave days for other members of their team.
A personalised portal
PayFit ensures that your employees are always in the know when it comes to their pay. Not only can they easily access their payslips online, but they can also download them or receive other important documents such as P60s or P11Ds.
Easy access to online payslips and documents
Your employees can also use their mobile to access their employee portal in order to view payslips, request leaves and submit expenses.
Accessible from their mobile phones

Manager portal

Assign responsibility to managers

Just like employees, managers have their own dedicated portal.
A comprehensive manager portal
Managers receive alerts when employees in their team make annual leave requests. Managers can approve or deny annual leave requests while also viewing the calendar and dates of their other team members.
Annual leave management
When an employee uploads an expense, their manager is notified. Managers can view whether the expense submitted meets the company's expense policy and can approve or deny it accordingly.
Expense approval
Managers have access to an overview of all the information about an employee such as contact details, contract information, salary, employment summary and annual leave balance.
Employee overview for managers

Employee onboarding

A good employee onboarding experience goes a long way

Streamline and structure your onboarding process by building your custom checklist for new starters. Define tasks to be completed depending on the employee's position, team or location.
Build your onboarding checklist
In addition to creating checklists for your employees, you can create your own HR checklists to ensure you don't miss out on any tasks when welcoming new starters.
Create your HR checklist
Go paperless and stop chasing personal information by defining which documents you require before an employee's arrival — e.g. P45, passport, certificates, etc. The documents are then stored in PayFit and can be accessed via the employee portal.
Easy collection and access to documents