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Trust Payments

A global payment service provider


About Trust Payments

Trust Payments is a global unified payment technology group formed in 2019, bringing technology and financial services into an omnichannel solution. The new business model has enabled Trust Payments to establish itself as a leading Fintech Payments group. The company has undertaken a significant culture reset and now operates as a fast-paced, inclusive organisation with talented people at its very heart. 

In 2019, the business expanded its product offering from Gateway and Acquiring to POS and Mobile Loyalty, creating true omnichannel processing capabilities and now provides over 30 unique products to merchants of all sizes. 

What were Trust Payments’ payroll pain points?

Before using PayFit, Trust Payments’ HR team was processing payroll very manually, working from spreadsheets where mistakes would occur. Their business has grown significantly in the last two years, and as such, they’ve hired people at all levels, so there was a need to change the process as more people came in.


Why did they decide to switch to PayFit?

Magdalena, HR Operations Team Leader, found that with the rapid business growth, they had to think of a system that can automate payroll processes, show more transparency and move away from using spreadsheets.


How did PayFit help? 

Magdalena has drastically reduced the time spent running payroll, especially as they had 160 new joiners to onboard just this year! They are now looking into the next step of integrating PayFit with their HR system to keep automating processes.

Some of her favourite PayFit features are the easy onboarding of employees, they can complete their information themselves, which allows them to have full control of their data, as well as the option to automatically generate P11Ds.

Additionally, she finds the notifications great as they help her make sure she hasn’t missed anything and she’s always compliant.

PayFit is great. We are now looking to the next step of integrating with our HR system to ensure more processes have been automated. We have definitely saved time as we had 160 new joiners in our business just this year.

Magdalena KardaszHR Operations Team Leader