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Payroll & RTI submissions

Lengthy payroll processes, manual data entry, spreadsheets, and payroll errors are now a thing of the past with PayFit.

Automated payroll

Make changes in real-time and run payroll in just a few clicks.

When you've finalised your monthly payroll tasks, all payslips are automatically generated and available in each employee's portal.
Automatic generation and distribution of payslips
Enter, modify or import your payroll variables right up until you finalise your monthly payroll responsibilities.
Edit or add pay variables at any given time
With PayFit, all changes affecting payroll are made in real-time. Keen to see the impact of any changes? Have a quick go at our self-serve demo.
Update and view payslips in real-time
Receive guidance and support when finalising payroll and complete the process in just three simple steps.
Finalise payroll in just a few clicks

HMRC RTI & Pensions submissions

Never miss a HMRC submission deadline again and manage pensions seamlessly.

PayFit is HMRC-approved and handles all RTI submissions (FPS & EPS) on your behalf.
Automate HMRC RTI submissions
PayFit automates pensions submissions for over 10 leading pension providers including Nest, People's Pension, Smart Pension and Aviva.
Pension submissions
The PayFit app automatically assesses whether your employees are eligible for pensions and sends enrolment letters on your behalf.
Automated assessment of employee pension status
After PayFit has dealt with your RTI and pension submissions, you can access your reports detailing the payments due to different organisations.
Your submission reports in one place

Customised reporting

Get full visibility and control on your company's data and build custom reports.

PayFit integrates with some of the leading accounting software including Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and Netsuite.
Sync with accounting software
PayFit provides variance reports which help you identify anomalies and reduce the risk of errors when completing your monthly payroll.
Variance reports eliminating errors
Access a great variety of pre-built reports or build custom reports with your data — e.g. cost of labour, age pyramid or gender pay gaps.
Custom reports for finance and HR teams

Employee benefits

Processing benefits has never been more straightforward.

Providing benefits to your workforce while also ensuring that tax is calculated and paid correctly could not be simpler. PayFit allows you to Payroll Benefits in Kind (PBIK) and automatically sends P11Ds and P11D(b)s.
Easy reporting with automatic generation of P11Ds
You can apply several employee benefits — e.g. life insurance, medical insurance, gym memberships, company shares, or mileage, as well as deductions such as cycle-to-work scheme or childcare vouchers. PayFit will automatically deduct any employee contributions each month and process any PBIK information.
A wide range of benefits and deductions

Software integrations

Integrations to help faciliate seamless finance and HR processes.

PayFit integrates with leading HR software such as Hibob, Personio and BambooHR to transfer HR data from one system to the other and avoid manual data entry.
Integration with HR software
PayFit is compatible with some of the leading accounting software including Xero, Sage, Quickbooks and Netsuite.
Integration with accounting software
Pay your employees faster with our different payments solutions: Faster payments or Automated BACS.
Faster payments