Unlocking More Possibilities with PayFit's Open API

Rachel Greenway
Last updated on April 24, 2024

We’re pleased to announce we’re opening new doors into the world of payroll software integrations with the launch of our Open API. This development was done to expand our existing integration capabilities so we can better serve our customers. 

Now, you can build your own integrations to connect with a broader range of software and technological tools, so you can tie together all the tools you love to build your perfect tech stack.

What is an open API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. Just think of it like a set of rules and instructions that allows different software providers to talk to each other. When an API is what we call ‘open’ it means it’s been made publicly available for developers and businesses to connect their systems with the service providing the API, PayFit in this instance. 

This results in a greater ecosystem of applications that are working together in harmony to achieve your business goals and needs, such as streamlining workflows and reducing manual data entry.

Benefits of PayFit's open API for your business

Signing up to a software provider that includes an OpenAPI can help with…

Streamlining your operations

Integrating various business functions like HR, payroll, and accounting systems can be a tall order. And not all the software you’re using will be built to automatically integrate with other specific tools. Using an open API, you can build bridges between all those systems so they talk directly to each other. Not only does this eliminate manual work, it also reduces the risk of errors. The result? More streamlined, efficient operations.

Customising software to your needs 

Every business has unique needs and challenges. PayFit’s Open API allows you to customise exactly how you use PayFit, ensuring that it works perfectly with the other tools you rely on. Whether you need to connect to bespoke HR software or specialised accounting packages, our API makes it possible.

Enhancing data security

Using an Open API doesn’t mean putting your data’s security at risk. PayFit ensures that all data exchanged via our API is encrypted and transferred securely. We adhere to stringent security protocols to protect your business information.

Scaling more quickly 

As your business grows, so do your technology needs. Our Open API is designed to scale with your business, supporting increased loads and more complex operations without disruption.

PayFit's open API

Working with an open API: Your questions answered 

How can I start using PayFit’s API builder? 

To access our API builder, you’ll need to sign up to PayFit first. We recommend booking a demo to understand how our software works. Once you become a PayFit customer, you can create your API key directly from your payroll dashboard. This key will allow your systems to authenticate with ours securely. 

Is there a cost associated with using the PayFit API?

PayFit’s open API is available to anyone on a Standard or Premium plan. 

Can I create multiple API keys with access to different data?

Of course! PayFit’s API builder lets you create as many different API keys as you want linking out to any number of different data sources. 

Which data fields or data points can I retrieve from PayFit?

The data points available in the API are updated regularly. 

What kind of support does PayFit offer for API integration?

We understand that integrating APIs can sometimes be complex. That’s why we offer dedicated support for our API users. From detailed documentation to direct assistance from our tech team, we’re always on hand to ensure a smooth integration process.

Building stronger business connections

The launch of PayFit’s open API marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide versatile, comprehensive payroll and HR solutions that cater to the modern workforce. This new feature is one of many future releases we hope will help businesses feel more connected, efficient and ready for the future. Welcome to a new era of business integration with PayFit.

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