UK Payroll Software Guide

Investing in payroll software is a big decision

Like any software investment, It involves buy-in from stakeholders, alongside comparing and benchmarking different providers against one another. That’s why we designed this payroll software guide - to help small businesses find the best payroll software for their needs and weigh up the cost vs. value of any new investment.

We’ll help you find the perfect UK payroll software

Every business has different needs, with many different variables determining the type of payroll software solution you’ll require. Considering things like the capabilities of your existing HR tech stack, the level of payroll expertise on your team, plus the degree of support you’ll need, and it becomes clear that one size certainly doesn’t fit all. This guide to UK payroll software will help you prioritise what it is you need, look at cost vs. value, plus arm you with the questions to ask prospective UK payroll software providers when receiving demos from them.

Find out more about how PayFit’s payroll software solution can help

UK payroll legislation can change at short notice, and it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with new rates and apply these to your payroll calculations. With PayFit’s HMRC-recognised payroll software, all new updates are automatically coded into the platform, meaning you can rest assured that manual calculations and incorrect payments are a thing of the past. We also sync up seamlessly with leading HR, accounting and pensions software.

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Assess your current payroll processes


Understand the needs of your business in managing people and pay


Learn how to determine the ROI of any software investment

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