HMRC RTI and Pension submissions on your behalf

PayFit handles your submissions through the information you provide. From income tax to employer pension contributions, the platform will automatically perform the calculations and we will do the submissions on your behalf.

RTI & Pension submissions

PayFit will handle your RTI submissions (FPS and EPS) on a monthly basis as well as your employer pension contributions.

Your submission report in one place

You will be able to view your monthly expenses, including HMRC and pension submissions, all in one table.

Managing your submissions

PayFit will do the RTI and pension submissions at the end of every month and once your payroll has been run. Additionally, you will have access to a set of reports including the payments due to the different organisations.

All your documents centralised in one place

Your administrative documents are stored in a centralised space on your PayFit interface.

Pension auto enrolment

PayFit automatically assesses if your employees are eligible for pensions and sends enrolment letters.



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