Manage your payroll in a few clicks

The PayFit app has been designed to simplify your payroll process and prevent errors.

Automatic payslip generation

Every month, the payslips are automatically generated on the selected date and your employees are informed by email. If you pay by BACS, the platform will generate a BACS file for you every month.

Full control over your company's payroll

Throughout the process, you will be supported and guided through automated messages and notifications. You retain complete control while removing the risk of errors.

Accounting journals for your accounting provider

You will have access to accounting and payroll records every month. When using another platform or accountants for accounting purposes, you can simply download the payroll journals from PayFit and upload them to your accounting platform. Alternatively, you can send them directly to your accountant.

Previewing payslips in real-time

As soon as you make changes (e.g. add a bonus), the payslip automatically updates in real-time. In the employee overview, you will find all employee data clearly listed: gross salary, net salary, lunch receipts, commission, overtime, etc.



Discover the entire PayFit offer

PayFit allows you to effectively manage your employees' payroll and professional admin!