An integrated HR platform

PayFit allows you to manage the HR aspects of your employees within a single tool.

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Employees get their own portal

Give autonomy and freedom to your employees with access to their own portal. From this portal, employees can submit their leaves and expense requests to be validated by the admin or the manager. Employees' payslips are stored and easily accessible for them to view or download at any time.

  • Access to payslips
  • Absence requests and expense submissions
  • Input of working hours
  • Managers approval
  • Organisational chart and employee directory
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Absence and leave management made simple

Whether it is annual leave, sick leave or parental leave, PayFit allows you manage all types of leaves. The holidays are automatically calculated based on company holidays or employee contract. Holidays affecting pay automatically reflects the payslips. No more annoying emails or excel sheets to manage employee absences.

  • Management of all types of absences and specificities
  • Calendar overview of employee absences
  • Monthly summary of holidays and absences for the admin
  • Management of absences by managers with access rights
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Centralise expense management of your employees in one platform

Employees can submit expense approval from their portal. Once approved by the manager or admin, the expense is directly added to the payslip of the current month. No more emailing finance and manager every time an employee submits an expense request.

  • Detail view and custom overview of the displays
  • Employee enters expenses which is approved by manager
  • Automatic addition to the payroll expenses
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Create your charts and allow validation and viewing rights

Make life easy by creating an organisational chart and assigning access rights. Managers can review their team member's leaves, working hours, and expense reports. Employees can use the organisation chart to view the entire team and responsibilities in their personal workforce.

  • Map teams in the organisation chart
  • Company at a glance
  • Give access to managers
  • Employee Directory
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Registration of new employees using the onboarding module

Engage new joiners before they arrive with the onboarding module. Build predefined or custom task lists to have employees complete their checklist upon arrival. In addition, you can collect all important administrative documents through an onboarding survey directly accessible from the personal space of the new starter. A pleasant onboarding experience goes a long way.

  • Predefined or custom checklist
  • Onboarding survey
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