Easy management of leaves and absences

Calculations are made automatically based on employee holiday entitlement. Elements that directly impact payroll will be automatically reflected on the employee's payslip. This is guaranteed to save you time!

Consideration of all types of leave

All types of leaves and absences are included within the PayFit platform. This includes parental, unpaid, sick and remote.

Calendar view of all absences

Get a clear summary of who is out of office with the monthly or weekly calendar views of holidays and absences.

Calendar view of all absences

Leaves and absences request from the employee portal

Each employee can request leaves directly from their personal portal. Specific absences such as sick leave or maternity/paternity are added directly by the employer from its admin portal.

Monthly overview of your employees

As an admin, you will be able to view your employees' monthly salaries, leaves and absences with the ability to add or modify if necessary.



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