We’ve Teamed Up with Leapsome: Here’s Why Your Employees Will Love It

Last updated on July 21, 2022

It's no secret SaaS integrations offer tremendous value. 

They open the door to a much broader ecosystem of tools and technology while eliminating repetitive tasks and improving workflows. It’s why we’re such avid advocates of integration here at PayFit, and are always on the lookout for new software solutions that can level up our offering. 

Our latest team-up is with Leapsome. This Berlin-based platform provides an innovative and fresh approach to performance management that now integrates smoothly with PayFit’s payroll and HR management platform. It's something your teams and employees are sure to love. Here's why. 

HR tech is reinventing performance

Investment in HR tech, particularly in Europe, is skyrocketing. And while this has mainly focused on streamlining repetitive processes (like recruitment and payroll), it’s now extending into other areas, such as performance and engagement. 

In fact, organisations have spoken about reinventing performance management for a while. But challenges in the wake of the pandemic and follow-on trends like the Great Resignation have highlighted the need and desire for better processes.

When it comes to performance, managers are now at a critical crossroads - lean back on familiar models and legacy systems or rethink the entire performance management process. 

A study by Gartner supports this, finding that 87% of HR leaders have considered changing how they conduct performance reviews. Among the top struggles leaders have cited are the effectiveness of performance management programs and the limited impact these are having. They’ve also highlighted that reviews are often too complex and time-consuming for managers and employees to engage with. 

Performance management is an important consideration for a growing business and key to developing a better employee experience. And while technology isn’t the whole answer, the right platforms can help build better performance and enablement systems.

What are the advantages of a performance software integration?

Streamlined processes, far fewer errors, and reduced data entry - these are just some of the benefits that come with combining your payroll management platform with other SaaS integrations

Entering the same information across two or more different systems is tiring and redundant. Data sharing makes this task seamless, saving your HR team time and money. 

Another advantage of data sharing is that it makes data more accessible. Having information shared across systems is not only democratic; it means all teams can work from the same data set. That makes spotting (and then acting on) trends around diversity and gender pay much more manageable while encouraging cross-team collaboration around tasks like budget-planning and developing stronger compensation strategies.

Digitalisation, optimisation and better reporting are just some positive outcomes. All this from different software systems (finally) being able to talk to one another. 

Imagine being able to analyse payroll data alongside performance management metrics. What different decisions might your organisation make as a result?

PayFit and Leapsome team up for more integrated employee enablement

There's no doubt seeing payroll alongside performance data can be incredibly useful, which is why a payroll integration partnership with one of Europe's fastest-growing performance management platforms made perfect sense. 

Cue Leapsome. Born and bootstrapped in Berlin back in 2016, the people-enabled platform has already achieved some impressive feats, including raising $60 million in its Series A. 

The motivation for starting Leapsome couldn’t be clearer for founder Jenny von Podewils, having worked in fast-scaling environments and experiencing first-hand what it’s like when businesses lack the structures to support employee development. 

She saw the need for something that would close the loop between performance management, engagement and development; a best-in-class solution for tracking performance, OKRs and learning in a way that works for both managers and employees. All this while supporting companies in building a thriving and attractive work culture. She also wanted to build a platform that would be flexible enough to keep pace with a fast-changing labour market where millennials and Generation Z are quickly scaling the ranks. 

Since the very beginning, optimisation has been baked into every aspect of Leapsome’s offering. The platform works with a bevy of market-leading tools such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Jira, Workday and BambooHR to facilitate more seamless collaboration. PayFit is the latest integration to make the sharing of employee data more simple and secure. 

In other words, employee information is synchronised for both customers of PayFit and Leapsome. Let’s take the example of adding a new starter. When you input their information (such as their name, start date and position) on PayFit, a profile is automatically populated on Leapsome. If you need to modify their personal information even further or terminate their contract, changes are automatically reflected across both platforms. 

No need to check details have been entered correctly and no double date entry - just a hassle-free and seamless employee enablement.

Keen to find out more about how PayFit and Leapsome can revolutionise your payroll and enablement processes?

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