Onboarding with PayFit

Interested in becoming a PayFit customer? We handle the transfer of your data from your current provider to our payroll software. Here is all you need to know about the process.

How does onboarding with PayFit work?

Onboarding is a fundamental step in ensuring the accuracy of both your payroll and your HMRC submissions.



Easy-to-follow steps allowing you to transfer your data in no time at all.


Our onboarding process is stringent and ensures there are no errors.


Onboarding in just 7 days.


One of our payroll experts will be available to support you throughout the entire process.

Required documents

1 Excel file with information from your previous payroll provider

PayFit directly integrates the data from the onboarding Excel to set up your account.

Quick onboarding

7-day transition

Once all the correct data has been collected, your account will be set up in just 7 days. The whole process is extremely quick and error-free.

Customised training

Receive training from our experts

Once your account has been correctly set up, your account manager will support you in running your first payroll with PayFit.

"I am genuinely impressed with PayFit. I have many years of experience in payroll software packages. The flexibility PayFit provides to both the employer and the employee is excellent. Also, the back up of a fantastic support team removes the legislative stresses."

Sadie McBain, Financial Controller @ Railsbank

200 employees  |