Subprocessors Notification

Last revised on May, 31st 2021

In order to provide services to its clients, PayFit may engage new third parties (“subprocessors”) to carry out data processing activities that involve access to customer data.
PayFit makes sure to work only with third parties that safeguard and protect customer data and comply with the applicable law.
Therefore, access to customer data by our subprocessors is subject to the signature of a written agreement which allows PayFit to monitor and control the way these subprocessors handle customer data.
In accordance with the Customer Subscription Agreement signed with PayFit, these third parties are identified below with their locations and the type of services they provide to PayFit.
Subprocessor nameProcessing ActivitiesSubprocessor Country Inc.Managing customer support and keeping track of customer requestsUSA
Dato SRLManaging the creation and modification of digital contentItaly
This page serves as a notification to our clients and subprocessors listed on this page are deemed authorised by the customer once the delay indicated in the Customer Subscription Agreement has expired.
For any further information, please consult your Data Processing Agreement or contact us