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Control & visibility over payroll combined with expert support
Whether you employ 1 or 500 employees, PayFit provides you with the tools and support you need to reduce your payroll admin.
Average time customers save processing payroll when switching to PayFit
5 days
Average time it takes to be onboarded to PayFit
Of our customers have saved time and reduced payroll mistakes

Our clients talk about their integration

"PayFit's fantastic customer service team is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time."

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Sam Fronson Co-founder & COO @YuLife

"PayFit has helped us reduce the time spent on payroll by 60%. We are able to complete all of their payroll duties in less than two days, with more flexibility."

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Swetha Sundaram Head of HR @Diffblue

"Moving to PayFit is the best software decision that I’ve made in a long time. I drastically reduced the time spent running payroll, from six days to just two hours."

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Steve Root Partner @RKBB

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