2024 Payroll Checklist

A payroll checklist that guides the UK payroll process for you

Running payroll in the UK might be more straightforward than in other countries, but there are still many moving parts. This monthly payroll checklist can help you stay on track with all of your tasks and even help you put together your own template tailored to your organisation's needs.

Never miss a payroll checklist beat

Check off items like processing starters and leavers, updating employee information, through to actually running payroll, paying your employees and those all-important time-sensitive HMRC obligations. Our monthly payroll checklist is a comprehensive to-do list designed to help each payroll run pass off smoothly and compliantly.

Looking to automate your monthly payroll checklist items?

Payroll can be a needlessly manual and time consuming process, and get in the way of doing more strategic work. But if you fancy automating many of those fiddly monthly payroll processes to free up time for those impactful HR initiatives, then there is another way. You’ll find details of how to get in touch with us at the bottom of the payroll checklist so you can learn about how PayFit helps teams win back their time each month.

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Learn what tasks are involved in monthly payroll


Ensure everyone on your team follows the same process


Meet all UK regulatory & compliance requirements

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