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How we’re transforming payroll
Average time customers save processing payroll when switching to PayFit
5 days
Average time it takes to be onboarded to PayFit
Companies trust PayFit with their payroll processes

Opt for a compliant and flexible cloud-based payroll solution

Forget about emails and spreadsheets, run your payroll online in just three clicks, and let PayFit do the rest for you. PayFit automatically generates your employees' payslips and handles HMRC RTI and pension submissions on your behalf.

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Choose an integrated payroll software

Whether you decide to use PayFit's HR features to manage employee leaves and expenses or to sync your data with your existing HR software. PayFit makes collaboration between Finance and HR teams easy with custom reports and real-time information.

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Get dedicated support from payroll experts

Get the best of both worlds! Use an innovative cloud-based payroll system with real-time support from payroll experts. Forget about manual calculations and software updates, the winning combination of powerful software and personalised support will sort out all your payroll worries.

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In-house vs. outsourced payroll?

This is how we compare against traditional payroll outsourcing. No more delays, no more mistakes, get full control over your payroll management without losing the expertise from payroll experts. It's time you get the best of both worlds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PayFit cost?

How does PayFit compare to an outsourced payroll solution? Will I get personalised support from payroll experts?

Does PayFit handle submissions to HMRC, pensions auto enrolment and company benefits?

Does PayFit integrate with other software?


No extra fees

Monthly subscription with no cancellation fees.


No hidden fees

We don't charge any additional fees to generate documents and year-end forms.


Secure and compliant

A secure and compliant cloud-based solution: HMRC-approved and ISO27001 certified.

Hear why customers love PayFit

"PayFit's fantastic customer service is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time."

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Sam Fronson Co-Founder & COO @ YuLife

"PayFit has helped us reduce the time spent on payroll by 60%. We are able to complete all payroll duties in less than two days, with more flexibility."

Discover Swetha's story
Swetha Sundaram Head of HR @Diffblue

"Moving to PayFit is the best software decision that I’ve made in a long time. I reduced the time spent on payroll, from six days to just a two hours."

Partner @RKBB Steve Root

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