Are employees happy with current flexible working models?

It turns out, they're not. That’s according to a UK-wide survey we recently conducted, exploring the state of flexibility in the run-up to the 6th of April legislation becoming law. Explore our whitepaper to discover what’s working and not working about current flexible policies.

The stats are in:
of employees want clearer flexible working guidelines
want flexible working to be embraced in their workplace culture
want more trust from management when choosing how, where and when to work

Companies are still finding their feet around flexibility

83% of employees we surveyed feel their company’s current flexible working playbook needs drastic improvement, signalling there’s a ‘policy gap’ for businesses to address.

Employees are reluctant to engage with flexible working policies

Because of how their colleagues might perceive them. 18% of respondents expressed that workplace optics prevent them from getting the most out of existing policies.

Nearly 50% of employees would reject a 15% pay raise

If that new job didn’t come with flexibility. It's clear: flexibility is a priority for workers across the UK when considered in the balance alongside compensation.

Discover how to plug your flexible working gap
Download our whitepaper to uncover what employees actually want from flexible working and where your business could be falling short.




Pete Cooper, Director of People Partners & DEI, Personio

  • “Flexible work is not just a tick-box exercise. Instead of offering flexibility as a blanket perk, leaders must ensure they implement a clear and effective flexible working benefit which adheres to employees’ needs, helping build trust in leadership in the process.”

Pete Cooper-1

Kate Seaborne, HR Business Partner, Nomo Fintech

  • “Now more than ever, companies have to find a balance to accommodate individual needs, which include allowing people to choose the right working pattern for them, as well as increasing productivity.”

Kate Seaborne (1)

Marie-Alice Tantardini, Chief People & Fulfilment Officer, PayFit

  • “I strongly believe that flexible working approaches have to be embedded in companies' culture and identity, and not used as a tactical tool to attract talent or reduce office costs.”

Annie Rosencrans, Director of People & Culture, HiBob

  • “We have to design guidelines that are fair, appropriate, and motivating while also providing enough clarity and structure so that employees know how to use the policies, but not so much that they feel restricted.”