The 2023 Payroll Outsourcing Pains Whitepaper

Maybe you see managing payroll as nothing other than a stressful headache, something to be outsourced quicker than you can say ‘P60’.

But outsourcing by its very nature means giving up a significant degree of control and insight over one of your most essential business functions - paying your people. Most HR teams are aware of the challenges associated with outsourcing, but see them as a ‘necessary evil’, things that simply cannot be improved upon. We wanted to document the impact that these challenges are having on businesses and their payroll, and to show the UK that there is in fact a better way. Welcome to PayFit’s Payroll Outsourcing Pains Whitepaper 2023!

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The outsourcing experiences of over 200 UK HR & Finance professionals


The challenges faced, and their impact on businesses


How a ‘hybrid’ software approach can help solve these challenges

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The PayFit difference

Take back control of your payroll

  • A ‘best of both worlds’ approach - our easy-to-use in-house payroll software is backed by a team of experts on hand to provide fast support where it’s needed, putting you firmly in the driving seat.

PayFit Payroll

Eradicate and ‘undo’ mistakes

  • Automated workflows drastically reduce the amount of error-prone manual data entry within your payroll. Variance reports flag if something doesn’t look right, and now you can ‘undo’ payroll if you make a mistake!


Slash the amount of time taken up by payroll

  • PayFit has been proven to reduce the time previously spent on payroll by up to 80% each month, freeing up your resources and headspace for strategic, game changing work.

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