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Control & visibility over payroll combined with expert support
Whether you employ 1 or 500 employees, PayFit provides you with the tools and support you need to reduce your payroll admin.
Average time customers save processing payroll when switching to PayFit
5 days
Average time it takes to be onboarded to PayFit
Of our customers have saved time and reduced payroll mistakes

Run payroll in three clicks

PayFit's payroll software saves you time and eliminates payroll-related mistakes by automating payroll tasks. Update employees' payslips in real-time and PayFit automatically generates them and handles HMRC RTI and pensions submissions on your behalf.

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Get personalised support from payroll experts

We don't only offer an innovative solution, we also put our in-house payroll experts at your disposal. From onboarding to pay day, our team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

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Opt for an integrated software

PayFit offers several add-ons such as expense and leave management. Your employees have access to their own secure portal to view their payslips and request leaves or expenses. You can also choose to integrate with other tools by syncing your HR data or creating exports for your accounting software. By using an all-in-one platform, companies can save time and money and avoid endless manual data entry.

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