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We know that choosing a new payroll software can be daunting, especially if you've been outsourcing payroll up until now. PayFit has been purpose-built to simplify your payroll and is packed with features that help to make your payroll and HR processes as efficient as possible.

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How does PayFit compare to Pento?

Both PayFit and Pento are looking to disrupt the payroll industry. At first glance, it may even seem that both solutions are similar in appearance.

However, this is largely where the similarities end.

PayFit's HMRC-approved software provides a comprehensive and extensive solution to automated payroll management combined with specialist support.

"At Revolut, we chose PayFit to remove manual processes related to payroll and to help us save time. We received great support from the whole team and were impressed by how responsive and flexible they were."
Revolut Finance Manager

Aris Mastorakis, Financial Planning Manager @Revolut


HMRC approved payroll software

Not only does PayFit provide you with a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to run payroll in just 3 clicks, but it also offers built-in expense and HR features so you don't have to worry about using additional tools. Whereas Pento will require additional software to manage your HR admin. PayFit is also compatible with over 10 pension providers and handles HMRC and pension submissions on your behalf.

"The service is consistently above and beyond what you would typically expect from a SaaS tool."

Guillaume Devinat, CEO @Opteo


Custom reporting

Unlike Pento, PayFit offers an advanced and fully customisable reporting function. Admins are able to have full visibility and transparency over their payroll. PayFit automates the creation of payroll journals for all leading accounting software such as Netsuite, Sage, Quickbooks and Xero. Whereas Pento can only integrate with Xero.


Integrated payroll & HR

By choosing software that can integrate with other leading solutions, companies can save time and money and avoid endless manual data entry.

PayFit allows you to sync your HR data, upload payroll journals straight to your accounting software and handles pension submissions automatically. PayFit can manage over 10 pension providers.


Dedicated support from payroll experts

We consider ourselves to be a hybrid solution that looks to combine the benefits of in-house (control and visibility) with those of outsourcing (expertise and specialism).

Thanks to our dedicated team of CIPP qualified payroll professionals, we remain on hand to answer any queries you may have, no matter how complex they may seem.

"PayFit's fantastic customer service team is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time."
Sam Fromson, YuLife's COO

Sam Fromson, Co-Founder & COO @YuLife


Average time customers save processing payroll when switching to PayFit

5 days

Average time it takes to be onboarded to PayFit


Companies trust PayFit with their payroll processes


PayFit is the UK's first fully automated payroll provider.

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"PayFit's fantastic customer service team is always available and responsive. It's great because you feel like you're talking to a payroll expert every time."

Sam Fronson, Co-Founder & COO @ YuLife

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