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Moving to PayFit: a customer's story

11 février 2021

Moving payroll provider can be a stressful process for many. With so many things to consider, and so much at stake, many organisations choose to delay changes and, instead, persist with their existing provider, regardless of whether they're happy with the service provided.

In our latest planned webinar, we will be joined Swetha Sundaram, Head of HR at AI startup Diffblue.

Swetha will be discussing how moving to PayFit has enabled her to save time on her payroll tasks and why the transition was a seamless and efficient process.

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[REPLAY] How to build frictionless finance processes that scale

26 novembre 2020

More businesses are now looking to the finance function to drive transformation and contribute to growth by removing operational friction and improving process optimisation. In this webinar, Nick Miller, PayFit UK's Country Manager, is joined by Spendesk and Quantico to discuss the barriers to business scaling and how finance teams can build the right processes to overcome these barriers and support business growth.

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[REPLAY] What do employers need to do to support a scaling business?

21 octobre 2020

While the coronavirus pandemic may have put the buffers on expansion plans for some businesses, others have taken the opportunity to refine and restructure processes. In this webinar, our payroll expert, Nichola Hailes, is joined by representatives from Revolut Business and Smart Pension to discuss the measures employers can take to support a scaling business.

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[REPLAY] The role of HR in employees' financial wellbeing

11 septembre 2020

In this webinar, Chieu Cao, Founder & CEO at Mintago, who previously co-founded Perkbox, and Justine Rodriguez, Senior Payroll Consultant at Smart Pension, discuss the role of HR in employees' financial wellbeing and why financial education and pensions are key challenges today.

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[REPLAY] COVID-19 - Changes to the Furlough Scheme

18 août 2020

Since the furlough scheme was launched all the way back in March, there have been several amendments that have impacted employers.

In this webinar, our resident payroll expert, Nichola Hailes, discusses what has changed and what will be changing, its impact on employers and how PayFit can assist.

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[REPLAY] Everything you should know about contract termination

28 juillet 2020

One of the unfortunate consequences of the coronavirus crisis has been the number of people left unemployed. Employers have a duty to follow all the legal steps when choosing to terminate an employee's contract.

In this webinar, our Payroll Expert & Product Legal Adviser, Nichola Hailes, discusses the steps that employers need to follow.

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[REPLAY] The modern CFO's tech stack for startups

2 juillet 2020

The finance sector has seen significant changes over the last couple of years. With more and more companies looking to use automated and integrated tools to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of their decisions, we thought it would be a good idea to gather some of the UK's leading fintech startups and discuss the subject in greater detail.

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[REPLAY] Maintaining financial stability and staying on top of the latest government guidance for employers

24 juin 2020

PayFit UK's country manager, Nick Miller, discusses how companies can extend their runway, reduce costs and also maintain morale.

He's joined by Nichola Hailes, payroll legal adviser at PayFit UK, who discusses all the recent changes impacting payroll and the different options employers have to get support. 

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[REPLAY] How to manage pay and performance when people are working from home

30 avril 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing companies to change their way of thinking and reevaluate their processes. For many, one of the more testing issues has been how to manage and evaluate individual and team performance while working remotely.

In this webinar, PayFit UK's country manager, Nick Miller, is joined by Becca Guinchard, Account Executive at AssessFirst, to discuss the subject in greater detail.

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[REPLAY] Revolut-ionising payroll with PayFit

4 février 2020

PayFit's product specialist, Alexis Prades, is joined by Aris Mastorakis, financial planning manager at Revolut, to discuss how PayFit helped Revolut to revolutionise their payroll process.

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