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Security comes first.

At PayFit we make safety our top priority, and do everything to protect your corporate data.

Un système testé par les meilleurs experts

PayFit est testé par les meilleurs experts en paie français (notamment Pierre-Jean Fabas, rédacteur en chef de et formateur spécialisé en matières sociales). Des tests automatiques ont été mis en place pour vous assurer de l'exactitude des calculs, quelle que soit la situation.

Permanent control

Alert and verifications systems ensure very reliable calculations. An internal team is solely dedicated to the legal and conventional monitoring, therefore ensuring any change is taken into account in real time.

High security encryption.

All the data and information is transfered to our service using TLS 1.2 security protocol and encrypted by RSA-4096 keys, offering the highest confidentiality warranty.

Our servers meet the highest security standards.

Our servers use an OAuth2 authentification through JWT tokens, ensuring permanent integrity, security and authenticity of the data we process. Our database is also heavily encrypted and using it requires multiple keys.

All data is saved.

We use replication mecanisms to save your information and ensure that our service is available. Your data is in good hands.

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