Online payroll software for UK businesses

  • Opt for a modern and easy-to-use online payroll software.
  • Automate RTI and pension submissions.
  • Get dedicated support from payroll experts.
Online Payroll Software

Automate your payroll management.

An automated solution to save you time and eliminate payroll-related mistakes; PayFit automatically generates your employees' payslips on the chosen date and handles HMRC RTI and pension submissions on your behalf.

Payroll support

Benefit from dedicated support from payroll experts.

On top of offering you an innovative and technological solution, our experts will also support you throughout your PayFit journey. With years of payroll experience, they will understand your situation and be able to provide tailored answers to any questions you may have.

HRIS Solution

Choose a payroll-integrated HR solution.

From their personal dashboard, your employees are able to submit their leave requests and their expenses. These variables are then automatically integrated into the payslips.

Over 4,000 companies trust PayFit to simplify their payroll processes


"Moving to PayFit is the best software decision that I’ve made in a long time. I drastically reduced the time spent running payroll, from 6 days to just a couple of hours."

Steve Root, Partner

5 employees  |  Home improvement


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