Manage your payroll in a few clicks

The PayFit app has been designed to simplify your payroll process and prevent errors.

Automatic payslip generation

Every month, the payslips are automatically generated on the selected date and your employees are informed by email. If you pay by BACS, the platform will generate a BACS file for you every month.

Automated payroll run

Finalise payroll in 3 simple clicks

Finalising your payrun with PayFit will only take 3 simple steps. Throughout the process, you will be supported and guided with notifications and get access to a clear dashboard with a variance report to flag any risk of errors.

Finalise payroll dashboard

Accounting journals for your accounting provider

You will have access to accounting and payroll records every month. Whether you're using Xero, Sage, Quickbooks, Netsuite or working with an accountant, you can simply download the correct payroll journals from PayFit and upload them to your accounting software. Alternatively, you can send them directly to your accountant.

Payroll accounting

Preview payslips in real-time

Make any changes (e.g. add a bonus) and the payslip automatically updates in real-time. Provide your employee with a unique payslip designed to provide visibility and clarity to employees regarding their overall pay, year-to-date totals and annual leave entitlement in an accessible and uncomplicated way.

Payslips in real-time

Process payroll simply and correctly

To make processing payroll each month even easier, we've integrated a payroll checklist directly into the app so you don't miss on any monthly task and remain compliant at all times.

Payroll processing checklist

Payslip to bank account in no time

Get your employees paid quicker and in a secure manner with the UK Faster Payment System (instant bulk payments). If you're still paying your employees one-by-one, we've partnered with Telleroo so you can process instant payments.



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PayFit allows you to effectively manage your employees' payroll and professional admin!