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Our mission is to make the everyday lives of all employers and employees more pleasant.

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Working and thriving.


Care for each other

We are not a team just because we work together, we are
a team because we trust and care for each other.

Understand, adapt to, and care for PayFiters, customers, candidates and external partners.

No PayFiter and no team is better than another. We treat everyone equally.

Treat your offices like your own house. No gossip, no political behaviour, be transparent.


Strive for excellence

We don’t accept good enough, we aim for the best.

It’s only the beginning: we are far from the perfect experience we want to offer to customers and PayFiters.

Test, fail, learn and improve.

You can do good on your own but we will do great together.


Always stay humble

Acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice.

Accept tough but fair feedback, that is how you will improve.

Look for people that will help you grow.

Have the right kind of ambition: PayFit success will make
you learn faster.

Value contribution, not personal branding.


Live and work with passion

PayFit is your adventure, make it unique.

Do it with passion or not at all.

Embrace new challenges with creativity.

Optimism is powerful, let it drive you everyday.

Have fun and celebrate!